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First Roadtrip Experience to Bruneck, Bolzano & Lake Braies

Have you spent your new year's count down alone? I experienced that before, as much as i love solitude and not having to clean all of the mess in the first day of the year, sharing your last and first seconds of the year with your closed ones will make you realize how bless you are and it's all worth the mess.
I checked a few of my lifetime bucketlist in 2015, but oh don't get me wrong! I don't believe in the new year new me mumbo jumbo, but i do believe in making a bucket list inside my head so that i could checked my own list and hopefully learn some precious lessons along the way. In 2014 i went to US for the second time and spent my new years in Vegas with my family. My video collaboration with Chictopia that we made in SF back then had become their most viewed in their youtube channel until now!
2015 was full of fun memories too, I launched my own  youtube channel, working for various magazines and projects here in Milan, my boyfriend came to visit me here in Milan, I'm a master graduate, met new people and bestfriend + getting closed with my long time bestfriend along the way. So i thought having a little more fun at the end of the year won't hurt at all right...
The truth is, i thought i ask too much and there you go... if you follow me on instagram(if you haven't then follow me NOW) you'll know that my hand was bitten by a cute albino french bulldog. But it made my year end road trip unforgettable for my friends (of course) and myself. *LOL* After all the sing along, driving, handphone charger arguments, listening to my "only two songs" playlist, boardgames, running at the hospital hallway and all the yummy food of Bruneck and Bolzano; we finally arrive at the frozen lake of Braies!
I saw it first in pinterest and instagram, so thank you pinterest! Cause the view was and is breathtaking, I wish i could share all the pic with you guys but here are my best 15 pics of my first roadtrip experience! I can't believe i walk on lake Braies and could share the moment with my friends. It's like we're living inside a postcard or your pinterest! My feet were numb despite my (failed) attempt on having an extra fur padded insole; the magnificent frozen water of lake Braies is the coldest ground i've ever step on. My hand warmer was useless but our breath were taken by the mesmerizing view of the surrounding so in the name of YOLO we could stand and took lot's of pics and video an hour or so.
2015 was an unforgettable year indeed. It was full of laugh tears, hugs, lessons and memories that 2016 should work hard to measure up to now. How's your 2015 and what's next for 2016?

Photographed by Maytridan Yoshua and Donald Aditya
Coat: Cos
Boots: Steve Maden
Bag: Aesthetic Pleasure
Dress & Faux Fur Hoodie: Zara
Vest: Duma Official


  1. What a great scenery. Seems like one of the barbie stories

  2. great view, great shots..
    love your bag


  3. Wew, you really had such a great great time with your good friends :) And it always a best choice to choose road trip, tho it's really tiring, but it will worth your time. And happy for your achievements in 2015. Stay inspiring and ora et labora <3

  4. Beautiful photos and love your outfit here <3

  5. the view is so breathtaking! I wish I could visit this place one day ♥

    My Little Cream Button ♥