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Oh boy, here we go again. Cindy you gotta get yourself together girl! Hello world, hello internet, hello digital babes! I can't stop saying hello to everything after i saw the movie "Room" in case you haven't seen the movie yet. It was so beautiful, heartbreaking and eye-opening at the same time. Sometimes if you boxed yourself in a small room full of everything that you thought you need and want. You'll have a blunt vision of what your life is all about or who you are as a person. You boxed yourself in your secret dark room full of nothing and someday you'll realize that your life is passing by right in front of your eyes, there will be nothing left but regret. You were to blind to see, you trust the wrong person, you're too afraid to jump to the other side, you're not you anymore.
In reality as much as you want some things to stay the same, my old imaginary friend Corinne Bailey Ray said " The more things seem to change, the more they stay the same, don't you hesitate "  and i believe in her. In order to stay the same, in order to stay sane you need to change some parts or even a big part of your life in order to survive this big and crazy world.
Just like the broken fashion industry where all the creative directors were threw in and out in every seasons.  All big brands need a new vision to stay relevant,survive and prosper cause repetition kills. I learn it the hard way that if i repeat my bad habits all day everyday for a year or so, I lose the greatest thing I've had in life. I lost many opportunities, partner and ultimately i lose all of my hardwork for these past few years. I even lose myself cause when i realize that i was wrong and need to change. It's all too late. Don't repeat the same mistakes I've made guys. Believe me you, it hurts like hell and you'll stay there for awhile cause it takes time to heal, to reboot and reformat yourself.
All you need is a new vision and a well planned strategy, plan the risk you wanna take and warm yourself up before you jump. That's what grown ups do or at least the successful ones.
 I decided to jump out of my comfort zone, I finally dyed my hair green and blue after all the minimal aesthetic style i maintain these past year. It feels great and liberating, i decided to care less of what people think of me, my personal life and i choose to stay on the bright side, to stay positive and eliminate my bad habits and energy. I learn to step back from a chaotic situation, take a deep breath and ask myself, is this what i want? Is my heart okay with this? Do i need to fight right now? Will the situation changed if i keep fighting? Should i take sometime to re-evaluate everything? Sometimes to admit your defeat is a better option than to fight blatantly , my last advice is... Don't try to fix things alone, at least i need a fortune cookie to figure this out. "You'll get the help if you ask for one", sometimes you need to realize that us as human beings need one another to survive in the jungle. You need someone you could trust, not everyone though... Just a group of people you could trust, if you're lucky enough like i do, they'll help you cause they've been through the same situations in their lives. If not, don't hesitate to ask for help. Find people who are neutral, honest, kind and good. You'll end up digging a deeper whole if you ask the wrong and negative people just so you know. Keep private things private, just focus on one problem without being negative or mean. Be truthful, admit your mistakes and some of your friends will even point out your mistakes. Don't be defensive, you f*ucked up so you need to go through the consequences, you need to re-format your life. With a help or two you'll learn how to code yourself together and start your life with a new vision, same brand, same heart just a new vision. That's it for now i'm signing off... Have a blessed life people and you.... yes you if you read this i hope you'll have a happy, peaceful, prosper life full of kindness.

Photographed by Claradevi a.k.a lucedaleco

Top: Aesthetic Pleasure
Pants: Zhettova
Shoes& Blazer : Zara
Bag: Chloe Faye Bag #Chloegirls
Sunnies: Carrera


  1. Great edgy look!

  2. I can relate so much. because I feel like repeating bad habits day to day. I'm very aware of this but (sometimes) I can't help myself but doing it all the time. by the way, your hair is always gorgeous. I mean you pick such colour that I never though before. xD I wish I could dyed my hair like you even though I wear hijab haha :P