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Good Things Take Time

Whether it's a piece of macarons, an A+ scored exam , a long lasting relationship or a couture dresses; good things take time indeed. It took me months to finish this dress, i sincerely and truly apologize to Romi my friend and the owner of designer's wonderland Romitex.  I have a lot of reasons but i like to keep all the bad things in my life for myself and let's just only talk about the good things.
Sometimes you just need to put yourself together and deal with the real life chaos. I spend a lot of time waiting, compromising and last but not least fighting for what i want. My expectations towards life are sometimes too high to be reach and to positive to be true. I confessed that my ambition is boundless but sometimes i have too much things to chew and end up choking myself up.
The beauty of life as a human being is that we could bend and not break, killed and survive , hurt but we could also heal or broke down as we wish. Just like the old sayings, "the same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg". It's about what you're made of not the circumstances.
As the middle child i fight for the love i thought i deserve, in my mind if i work hard and wait long enough, good things will come eventually. But believe me you , my world is completely different in this very seconds than the same time a year ago. I can't thank my close friends and new found best friends enough for all the hugs, supports and most of all thank you for the truth.
Truth to be told eventhough i projected positive vibes, chillness and can't stop asking you to be kind to each other. My life is less than perfect( i know i know be grateful please cindy), i turned 24 this year and oh Lord Jesus i thought 24 years of life is enough.
But i realized that good things do take time, it also take time to be a good person. To be a whole human being, to be the best version of you. We're like wine, the more we aged the better, the only difference is for me age is just a virtue. The longer you live the more you learn about all sorts of things and i choose to be kind, always. Cause it takes a lot of effort to hate somebody and it's easier to be in the brighter side of life. If you have the biggest problem in your life right now, just wait and choose to be better not bitter. Good things take time good people...

Photographed by Donald Aditya
MUA: Anselia Sebastian
Dress designed by Cindy Karmoko fabric by Romitex
special thanks to Ayu Ananto and Anselia Sebastian

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  1. great post kak! I also do believe that good things always takes time. Keep fighting and bring positive vibes to all around you :)