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Happy Ending(s) with IX Timeless Care Vitalizing Serum

A trip, a good song, the taste of high quality milk chocolate praline... All good things must come to an end, but we could decide for ourselves whether we want it to be a happy ending and vice versa. There's always a familiar heartache when it comes to an end, esp when wonderful things happened and it's like dejavu , in a blink of an eye everything's changing, but sometimes i just can't wait to see the beautiful ending, the silver lining and of course when it comes to my mermaid hair, it needs to be as happy from the beginning to the end.
For those who watched my VLOG and keep asking which product and how to maintain my crazy hair esp when i travel. Here it is, IX Timeless Care Vitalizing Serum . 
I gather your questions and answer them down below...
Why do i love this serum so much?
I use it for two months already and my hair color stays, my hair is super soft, shiny and stronger than ever!
When i use the serum?
Everyday before i brush/style my hair, after i wash my hair when my hair is wet, when my hair is half dry, and after i dry my hair. wait a sec... I even use this liquid gold in my hair spa routine, i mix the serum with my hair spa once a week.
How many pumps/use?
For my midi hair 2 pumps only , 1 for the right and 1 for the left side.
Will my scalp be greasy if i use the serum often?
Use it responsibly, don't smear your hair roots with the serum, focus on the ends and swipe the excess oil towards the mid section of your hair. Just use the serum once a day. A little pump goes a long way.
Is the packaging travel friendly?
They have a pretty secure lock system but i recommend you to put the serum on a small plastic bag cause there might be a little leaky leaky action but you can bring the serum in your cabin bag and you're good to go.
Where can i buy the serum? 
At Innovative Xalon studio Jl Melawai X no. M9 (nearby blok M square)
AND the price?
IDR42500 only!
Is this your honest review?
Of course!! I will never risk my hair for money and i already use 1/4 of the bottle + you can watch my vlog and see it by yourselves. Sharing is caring! Hope i answer all of the important questions. 

 Photographed by Agung Kurniawan


  1. Baguuss vlognyaa..! Lagi lagi lagi! Sama gak bisa berenti ngeliatin cat eyenya deh bagus banget

  2. nice post..


  3. Already watched the vlog! I guess I'm addicted to your vlog, so Cindy please make it regularly.
    You're so cute and funny when you're talking.

    Virtual hugs from Tokyo,

    Shabrina Hazimi