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Mirrors of Prada

As dreamy as it can be, i have no pictures left to convince you how amazing Fondazione Prada in Milan was, cause i deleted all photos and videos by accident. My clumsiness is boundless i know. But here are some of my long lost treasure from my quick visit to Fondazione Prada. The experience was unforgettable and when i saw this mirror i knew i need to say hi to an old friend of mine, my own reflection, my alter ego,  me from the other side whom i often wish could change places with me. My reflection always shows a confident young woman with no bullsh*t attitude. Powerful, long legs covered in all black err thang outfit. But in reality i'm super awkward and tend to do super duper clumsy things. My reflection shows through the lens but at least both of us are the hopelessly romantic woman who knows what they want.
So with Jumpsuit from Sho Style and a pair of Bottega Venetta velvet heels, dear mirror of Prada, who's the fairest of them all??

Photographed by Claradevi Handriatmadja
Heels: Bottega Veneta,
Bag: Chloe