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Garden of Hearts + Instagram Giveaway #CK25KGIVEAWAY

One day I'll look at you from afar
and I'll be happy for you 
There will be no burden
No tears, no heartache
Cause between the trees and roses
The sunshine and the moon
The summer breeze and melodies
In the garden of hearts 
There I'll set you free
My heart will finally just for me
One day I'll look at you from afar.... 

Finally a proper blogpost! Thank you so much for all of you who still read my pouring heart session for days months and years. We've been through a lot huh? But today, this will not be a sad post. This will be a happy one! I'm grateful to be here, to be your long lost virtual sister. To help you go through your doubts, fears and to share my thoughts about dreams and memories. 
I bought the same bag and earring just for you! I felt that you always give me all the loves and support and i can't believe there are 25K people who think that my instagram is cool enough and inspiring enough to be followed. Thank you thank you thank you..... Follow my instagram and win the mini giveaway HERE!! xoxo

Giveaway: 1 birdy bag and a pair of marble earrings that i bought in Milan... 



  1. I love your outfit here <3

  2. gorg shots!