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Swimwear Special

Okay, first things first... I got an eye infection a week ago and i really felt like "destiny" the whale shark from finding dory that day. Everything is just too blurry but somehow i could feel a little bit grateful not because i could have the excuse to abuse my uber apps but because it felt as if i lived in a painting for the first two days. Speaking about firsts this post is my first swimsuit post, yeay! Embracing my single and happy life to the fullest. I used to feel super insecure about my body, but i realized as long as i'm happy and healthy why should i care?
I'm never the skinniest, or the prettiest and i'm not one of those charming girls who could attract other people by their aura or personas. I'm just the tallest and the most awkward creature in the room, sometimes i wanna know how does it feel to be charming as hell. How could people love you at the first sight, what's the secret really? Some said practice makes perfect, some prefer to fake it til you make it. But is it just the smile? A beautiful face or maybe they're born that way?
It's midnight here in Jakarta, oh yessss, have i told you that i'm moving to Jakarta for good? I'm  so so sorry if i haven't write anything about my personal life in my posts. 2016 is definitely the year of change and change is good right? How are you bloggers? How's your 2016 so far?
Mine will be better than ever for sure! I even pick a shocking pink swimsuit come on! I rarely use colors other than black, white, grey and beige but hey, never say never right? My color palette changes according to my hair color most of the time. What do you think of pink? Will you wear this swimsuit? It's only $16 and it'll make you look leaner and sexier for sure.... So what are you waiting for? BUY IT HERE.... an tag me if you're wearing the same suit like mine!

Photographed by Sonia Eryka
Swimsuit by Shein 


  1. Shocking pink looks great on you, specially when it contrastly trimmed by the black line.

  2. bagus banget pink nya dan model baju renang nya juga lucu. sayangnya ga bisa pake haha x_x

  3. You have a nice body and healthy too! Oh And this words "I'm just the tallest and the most awkward creature in the room..." Yes, I feel it too until now :")
    By the way I follow your instagram and saw that you really miss Milan so much. I hope you have a good day in Jakarta and welcome home! :D <3

  4. That swimsuit looks so stunning on you, Ci! I think you look skinnier than before (compared to when you was still in Milan). but heatlh first, right?


  5. Nice post!
    and i agree that changes are good!
    Cheers to a good things that coming!!

  6. Cindy, everything about this post is so lovely!
    Your hair, the shocking pink swim suit, and even your skin!
    Everything looks so glowing <3
    Oh, and please make another vlog! I enjoy hearing you talking anw.
    You have that pleasant personality as long as I watch your vlog and read your blog.
    Keep being happy, because you're so special just the way you are ;)

    Kiss from Tokyo,


  7. Ceka, come to Surabaya and I'll show you how charming you are!
    You will always be a charming woman and full of positive auras :)