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The Lady and Her White Horse

Have you ever imagine living in a fairy tale book? I do... I imagine all the colorful things, singing unicorns and a bunch of talking flowers. But i don't know why  In my current fairy tale i become the ice queen of the north. Living alone with my dear white horse. She's ignorant and he's always sleepy. They're perfect for each other, two souls longing for their king. She's fierce, expressive but sometimes the other kingdoms call her the mad queen. She could be the storm but inside she's as delicate as the winter snow. She's defensive but kind cause she knows how it feels to be hurt. Her horse on the other hand is wild, revengeful, singing all the sad songs all day, crying and judging all of the doves that are in love in the castle's garden. He told her to hunt and kill the king. Let the world see his head hanging by the tree, he even persuade her to froze the time and stay still in her misery. 
One day she woke up and decided to let the horse go, her heart breaks for the second time that season but it makes her stronger. He plead her to spare his life and let him watch her in silence. He has no where to go, no master to follow and she's the only person he could trust. After all the good time sake she chooses to be kind, she froze him with her once in a lifetime magic spell and he could learn to change his ways and come out as a brand new horse while she's learning to let go of the sadness and gain her power once more. She decided to wait, cause she doesn't want her fairy tale to end. Happily or tragically there will be no good in ends and goodbyes. All we need to do is keep believing and hoping for a better sunrise and a warmer sunsets day after day. 

Photographed by Farah Ang
MUA Cindy Giovanny
Coat by ;


  1. So gorgeous! <3

  2. ah, i've imagine my kind of fairy tale too. but in my imagination i became a princess that really like talking to the animals. hehehe
    love your story

  3. always love your hair :D

  4. hi there!

    super adore your hair, looks so classy yet so fashionable :)

    looking forward for your next post, visit my blog? :)

    Stephanie G

  5. Your hair and your black dress are perfect match :)
    Love it!

  6. Amazing makeup. You are so beautiful.