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Patrick Owen Fable ss17 with Dulux

Patrick and i had a little chit chat 8 hours before the show started, that turned into a deep conversation about his childhood and his extraordinary mom , the reason why this collection was created. Why there were only 24 models, the snake, the monkey and all of the details that are supremely important.

His poem turned into a narrative song sent shivers down my spine. I felt emotional and in awe of how far he has grown as a designer. The collection was exceptional, risquè and will definitely be the talk of the town. It was poetic but bold at the same time. The brand's DNA was always there, intricate fabric manipulation, the edge, the monochrome and provocative design as always.

Collaborating with Dulux is an interesting too. His special capsule  collection for Dulux are equally well made and refreshing. “Denim Drift” is the main color of the collection and of course it’ll be the IT colour of 2017. It’s calming yet you could always feel it’s presence. It’s soothing and subtle , it makes the person who wear these outfits looked calm and composed.

During the press conference I couldn’t agree more when Patrick said you always see this shades of blue everywhere, in the sky, in the ocean… everywhere. It’s the color you’ll never miss and it’ll be the essential color of 2017. Something that you could see everyday but you couldn’t touch and finally Dulux made it possible for us to touch the sky, the ocean and the light. It’s an interesting color to mix and match with.

I love how this collaboration could give us fashion lovers a new perspective. A new essential color for 2017. 

I adore this collection as much as i adore the designer in person, it's pleasing to the eye , no doubt about it but the most important thing is.. It touched my heart , the amount of hardwork, passion and dedication to each and every pieces are something us young/future designers should learn. It'll be a collection i'll never forget Patrick.. Thank you for the whole experience of #PatrickOwenfabless17 . It was surreal and impressively beautiful.

Lensed by Cindy Karmoko and Andyyanata 
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