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Feels Like Home

"It was so right, it was so wrong almost at the same time" - I Can Let Go Now 

It's been awhile, almost a year maybe since i write my last hear pouring session post. No, this is not the one you think about. I actually will talk about my new bag, HA! Gotcha... 
I've been so obsessed with the Dior Defense bag, have you ever have this dilemma whether to buy a new bag or invest on something else? I have that dilemma all the time, since I fully supported myself and i will reach my goals with my own sweat and tears. It's hard to splurge on a couple million for a bag now. I need to think about my future, but then again my future feels empty without a Dior bag on my shoulder, or a well designed apartment, or a hand to hold tailor made in heaven just for me. Hmmm... Hello melancholic Cindy, here we go again. 

Sure our wishes are endless and we could hardly differentiate between our needs and wants. But i found the best solution to all of my indecisiveness with one sentence. Is it feels like home?  If you can't seem to let it go, it was in your dreams and you think you'll go insane if it was sold out the minute you decide to purchase. Go for it sister and brothers in the name of fashion... AMEN.

In life i questioned myself a few times, is this the right thing for me to do? Are these hands the one i'm looking for? Is this bag worth it? Do i really need these heels(ok the answer will always be yes for this outrageous question cause Cindy will never say shoo to shoes)? But then again, the heart wants what it wants whether it's an actual home, a bag or a person. You could feel it, you could feel deep inside your bones if it feels like home. If you want it so much, you miss him so much, you need them so much your hearts begin to ache. Emmm hmmmm... My posts are sometimes way to serious for fashion, way too deep and sometimes even dark. But hey.... This blog is my safe place, your safe place too and i want my blog feels like home too to everybody. 

Jumping to another topic:
Yesterday my friend said love is complicated. I don't think so.... Love is simple, you could feel it deep inside your body and soul. Heartache is real and so do the butterflies inside your belly. But people are complicated, they make love sounds so stupid and wrong. Again, for me if it feels like home then it's a keeper. Everybody wants to find the true meaning of home, some want wedding rings, some want a studio apartment of they're own, some want a family, expensive stuff and precious stones. Some just want to be loved or to own something that they really love. Cause bags are easier to possessed and keep than people... always. Cause an apartment won't disappear after you declare your love and shoes, when you own them they will never walk away without you. Oh Cindy, you're so bitter these days. LOL 

Well you are what you wear they said, I'm currently wearing my defense bag by Dior, Acne shoes and and and andddddd a jumpsuit by Haiku Tony my newest project. Yeay... Shop shop them all in IG: @haikutony.

Photographed by Andyyanata 
Special Thanks to Arzuria apartment

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