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Exploring Sydney Day 1

There are moments that define your life more than the others. Feelings that change you as a person forever. Thoughts that you playback over and over again like a broken records in your head.


the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist
 When i hear Dan the photographer explained it. At first i associated the word with narcissistic, self-centered, ignorant; bottom line... It was all negativity. But, after he explained it more i could understand and could somehow agree with the theory behind the word. Nobody could feel the way you feel, you could never really feel your bestfriend broken heart nor your husbands's disappointment. Feelings are utterly subjective and personal. You couldn't really say "i feel you" really... Because you can't..... or prevent someone to recall their memories.

Our body has its own way to be alive, we're different from one another. We might had a similar experience or feelings but who are we to measure the depth of somebody else's feelings? I learned to not to judge or trying to find out how other's mind work. I learned to let them be, i realized i could definitely try to explain my point of view but i know you could never change others. We all live in our own universe and we're all have the universe inside us.

That being said... Why am i in Sydney again?

On my last trip to Sydney i met lots of cool people and i enjoy the vibe in Sydney so much i couldnt help myself to say yes when i got the invitation to come and collaborated with a few Australian designers and brand in Sydney but yes i do wear indonesian brands here too. Indo represent here! whooppp whooop

I collaborated with Dan Gray and Charlotte from Maq Cosmetics AU and wearing Gaudi Clothing and together we'll create my Australian Journey. These are the first outfit and y'all may all know i had the photoshoot at the opera house. 

More stories, more blogposts and more of my random thoughts during my trip in oz soon...


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