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" In War, numbers are not the issue. It is a question of: Not attacking too aggressively; Concentrate your strength; Assess your enemy; And win the confidence of your men: That is enough"- The Art Of War by Sun Tzu

Hello, back at my new fav place to write my blog. Today it's hella crowded here, lots of meetings going on..... no day off for us i guess. All laptops are on except the seats beside me, i don't know why the women on that seats are always talking about love and weddings. Anyway no matter what we're all talking about or do we're all share the same wifi connection, strong and fast just the way i like everything to be. Oh what an ambiguous statement of mine ahaha. 

Btw since i'm going to to lot's of business meeting too this year and i'm partnering up to build my own company. I won't lie, people do look at the way you look before they decide to work with you, not only looks of course but they don't give "the power suit" it's title without reasons obviously. Therefore I feel like i need more appropriate business look, with a twist of course *cough cough*. I like to look serious and amazeball at the same time! Feminine and strong, blazers and playful earrings, satin pants and a barely there cleavage.... *crying* Well fashion is the way to express oneself after all.

I love the oversized pants and blazer cause fitted clothes make me feel restricted and anxious. I love the balance of this outfit. It's structured, oversized but you could take a little peek of my skin. It's comfy, mysterious and interesting. It's the "You could just watch but you couldn't touch" look ha!. The art of teasing? Just like in business meeting, i like to tease them with a few ideas of who am i and what i could do. 

You could wear whatever you want of course and i prolly will wear something underneath too if i'll meet my future clients. But hey it's my birthday photoshoot! I collaborated with Indra from Nomina pics and Endi Feng my dear dear make up guru. Will upload more outfits and story too! Stay tune peaches... 

Photographed by Indra of Nomina Pics
MUA Endi Feng
Clothes: Duma Official
Earrings: Massicot
Shoes: Alexander Mcqueen 

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