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It's an awesome feeling to smell both coffee and mother earth after the rain but with Coldplay's "magic" playing over and over.... Ahhhh... My saturday couldn't be anymore perfect than this. I'm in a coffee shop btw as i type this blogpost of mine, I finally find the best way to write all of my upcoming blogpost. Nope not in my cozy studio in Milan anymore, not in my all white room at home either.  But in the middle of a crowded coffee shop, with headset and all of my chargers and gadget. 

Anyway it's day 3 of my life as a 25 years old woman... Crayyyy, i can't believe it's been six years since i pour my heart out for the first time here in Hippie Gone Mad. My life is still as mad as ever, looking back.... Wow just wow! 

Such an emotional journey.... I'm grateful for all of the people I've encountered in my life. For those who's there since the beginning til now, those who passed by and also people who said goodbye. 

*John Legend's temporarily painless is on right now*

Looking at the picture instead of criticizing my broad shoulders or  my double chin. I finally could accept that my tan line will stay longer than i hoped for and that girl who posed and fighting the heat with a wool outerwear in the name of fashion were in Sydney... We made it kiddo :)

Not in a million years i could predict that in 2017 i will collaborate with an international photographer, shooting my blogpost by the Maroubra beach in Sydney.  Almost naked... I repeat almost naked.... LOL. Covered with Gaudi x Sapto Djojokartiko outerwear, my favorite piece out of their effortlessly chic collection. I feel like I'm in Stella Mccartney's campaign or something, love love love the vibes and the nude color palette. 

The point is... You'll be fine peaches, you did great so far and as long as you keep being kind and keep reaching for your goals. The universe will be by your side, everything you've gained and lost are part of the process. Learn to let go, learn to be chill all the time... I mean all the time... Not all of your partnership will work out, your love life too! You couldn't get everything that you want, but for me i always prefer to get everything that are the best for me. I kept telling the universe that right now i wanna be no one but me (funny how Tony Bennett's Nobody else but me is suddenly playing in my ears). I live in the now and I'm finally could say the sad soppy Cindy is gone and here comes the peachy Cindy! 

Anyway i gotta go my bestfriend's is here... I'm signing off!! Talk to you guys soon peaches, Buon weekend!

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