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why do you need a staycation?

Why do you need a staycation? Renting a hotel or service apartment in the city for one or a couple of nights to unwind, restart and a dreamy continental breakfast in bed is the modern day option to escape from the reality. I love living in a hotel, like the royal tenenbaum! Even if it's just for a few hours of afternoon nap, those small talks in bed....Priceless.
Staycation is cheaper than therapy for sure, a new scenery and environment without having to run to the airport or wearing seatbelts for hours. It's simple and it makes you happy in an instant. 
You could chill with your bestfriends or family, having a room for a day right in the middle of the city so you could have an ootd spot all day err day.
I tend to use the most casual clothes and accessories during my staycation, my go to outfit is always an oversized shirt dress and a bucket bag. To throw lots of things at once, and this time i use my green loev bag! So easy to mix and match with, the pink inner linings stole my heart and it's classic with a twist just like me. Super love love loev! 
Photographed by Timothy Felix
Bag by Loevstyle
Dress by Shopatvelvet
Special thanks to Raffles Hotel Jakarta 

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