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Weekend in White

Having another annual break here in Sydney, where the sun sets at 9 pm and i could finally have a fancy brunch in the city. I love the weather here and meeting the baes of sydney, catching up and creating content together while eating my fluffy ricotta pancakes. I'm living my dream i know.... I choose my body hugging white dress that i bought from Debenhams before i left Jakarta. So sad cause i won't see the department store anymore when i'm back to the city. I guess everything shifted and people are loving local brands and online shops more than ever now.
Back to my aussie adventure, Sydney reminds me of Milan. A city where you could be as fancy or as laid back as you want and people don't stare(cause it's not polite to stare). Acha and i chose Cook and Archie's as our brunch place not knowing that our initials are C & A too! What a coincidence! We wore monochrome outfits that day and talk about my charming uber driver, her life as a wife here in sydney, my life in Jakarta, our christmas plans and lots of things in between. Oh btw i borrowed the fancy hat from mia sorella di italiana, kezia(thanks babe) just because..... I really love the hat and i need to wear it at least once with a white summer dress! Enough said, i hope you like my outfit and see you on my next post,  Ciao ciao ragazzi .

Photographed by Acha Sinaga
Wearing Ciel dress, Kate Spade Bag, Esmee Sandals, borrowed hat.

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