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a trip to taiwan

I don't know if you miss our trip to Taiwan as much as i do. I miss the laughter, jokes, food, culture, the togetherness and of course the karaoke session. We bonded last year and can't wait to be reunited for 5 days again this year.
Our trip to Taiwan is so memorable, i learned how to dance to the beat and also accepted that maybe dancing to my own beat is not a bad thing after all. It became my trademark for sure. Thanks to Jovi ahahaha...
We went to lots of beautiful places in Taiwan, from museum to night market to wishing upon the lanterns. We eat at the original Din Tai Fung and saw the owner there too! From street food, $6 bubble tea to an endless fine dining course. We enjoy our Taiwan trip so much especially with China Airlines premium economy and business class service. I'm impressed and can't wait to fly with them again this year. Life after Taiwan? 
We're so busy doing or own work, a lot of things happened. My dear Clara Devi is Mrs.Gempa now. Sonia went to Poland to meet her boyfriend, i went back to Sydney for a month, Jovi went to UK chosen by youtube global, Maria and Eliz are currently writing their own book, Anaz our nyai(or queen) is busier than ever globe
trotting in heels, Hans is still eating the best food in the world, you could see Patgouw everywhere in tv or your cousins wedding even your sweet seventeen party too, Andy found his forte and you'll soon see him in tv too! Calvin our photographer has a wife after Taiwan. So cray right? Time flies so fast and what about me?
Well... I met a few people, accepting myself and loving my me time more than ever, i went to Bali when Mount Agung erupted, that's crazy! I collaborated with lots of brands and my career is going to the right direction for sure, i'll travel more this year and will soon revamp my website. I am content and can't wait to see what i could do next.... As for love life, i got a few advises yesterday from Jovi's mom.... I always imagine how hard to be loved i was til it became my reality, i undervalued myself and always think about the worst that could've happened. I attract the wrong people because of what i think about myself. What if, i let myself to dream a little bit bigger? Just like my career but to my love life? Well.... Let's see if i'm still the same person on our next trip to......
to be continued....

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