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sydney festival 2018

It's always fun to explore the Sydney festival during my annual break here. I could only visit one exhibition in carriage works on my last day in Sydney. I felt inspired and looking and walking on this multi colored fabric made me happy that day. It looks simple yet it mesmerized all of the visitors. The hippie gone mad in me was screaming HELL YEAH. I felt as if i entered the long lost world of Hippie gone mad, i'm about to change my blog's name into Cindy Karmoko this year and i felt all melancholic and sad about it. I hope for those who read my blog these past six or seven years will still see the essence of Hippie Gone Mad in all of my posts... and for you Sydney.... See you later this year!

Exhibition by Katharina Grosse
Top by COS
Sandals by scarpa shoes
Photographer Daryl Ariawan  

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