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Miss Mondial X Dian Sastro Wardoyo

I was invited to attend the store opening of Miss Mondial a couple of days ago in Plaza Indonesia. Jakarta. It’s their 11th store but as the brand grew bigger a change must be needed and this time they’re doing a change for the greater good. Appointing ka Dian Sastro Wardoyo as their first brand ambassador for both Mondial and Miss Mondial is a bold move. Not only she collaborates to create four jewelry sets but the profit of every purchase will help other girls in the other part of Indonesia get a chance to make their dreams come true. Miss mondial is collaborating not only with the style icon but also with her charity organization Yayasan Dian Sastro Wardoyo. Together they’ll help 5 girls to continue their studies and those who buy the diamonds will be their hero too.

The Tournesol, Jardin Carre, Drop of The Sun and Solace; each have their own uniqueness, character and story.  You’ll never know how it feels to wear the precious diamonds until you experience it yourselves.
Eventhough my birthstone is the diamond, I was more into shoes and bags than diamonds until recently the Frank&co group invited me to one of their events and after wearing a few pieces for an hour or two… The spell has been cast and now I’m weak. It’s so pretty, subtle and bold at the same time, it’s timeless for sure and you could wear the same diamond over and over again forever.

You could see from the pictures, I felt like a princess when I wear the Drop of The Sun set. They’re so pretty and well crafted. Easy to wear and it’ll show your most feminine side ever.

It’s not only we who got a chance to wear the full collection during the event. Oh basically it’s a star-studded event full of celebrities and I happened to be there with them all. Ririne Ekawati, Astrid Tiar, Sophia Latjuba, ka Dian Sastro and last but not least your girl right here are the first ones to wear the collection. It’s an honor to stand side by side these inspiring Indonesian women and together we promote not only pieces that could change your life but also the lives of others. Let’s be mindful and may we could purchase with a good purpose always. You could go to their new store or Miss Mondial’s store in Indonesia and purchase the collections, the diamond comes in sizes of course to cater your desire and needs. From the affordable pieces to the extravagant one, each one of them will help the girls to continue their studies. Congratulation once again Miss Mondial and ka dian Sastro. I want to thank ka Zoey too, the PR of the events for his support all this time since I was a 20 years old girl in Milan to this prestigious diamond event. My fondness of you knows no boundaries. So what are you waiting for? Try it and be the hero for once.

Photographed by Hans

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