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NIVEA was unveiling their white radiance & smooth serum last week in Jakarta. I got invited to the luncheon and paperdoll workshop by the one and only ka dinda! Not going to lie i was a little bit competitive with myself of course....

Okay back to the most important topic of the day. I need to admit that i don't like to put sun screen anywhere on my body. I thought i only need it if i go to the beach, swimming or if i have a long outdoor activity during the day. Turns out during the luncheon the dermatologist told us that we need sunscreen even if we're indoor! Especially if you sit near the window, you wanna know why? Cause... turns out the sun has uv A and uv B *wait for it*.... and your window will only "filter" the uv B but not the uv A! That's why even if you're not an outdoor person you could still have the spots or freckles too.

In order to prevent the damage and have a slower aging process( yikes.... that'll be in my top ten scariest words i've ever heard from now on "aging") you need to put on the sun screen two to three times a day, just like your healthy meal plan, you need to feed your skin too and protect your largest organ from the sun.

Do you want an example of the true result of diligence? Korean women.... I saw my korean friends putting their sun screen at least two times a day. I didn't know what that is cause i never asked them but after the presentation i knew that in order to get those bright and flawless skin i need to take care of mine more. After all no pain no gain right?

Thanks to the new NIVEA white radiance & smooth serum, it's light weight and easily absorbed by our skin so there's no need to wait for more than three minutes or feeling sticky all they long. You will not be the sticky girl at work or at the public transportation or even worst... elevator. This serum doesn't have any whitening effect, i repeat... this serum will not make your natural skin whiter. It'll make it brighter and smoother and healthier that's for sure. It'll bring back your true radiance and smoothen the texture of your skin. But... You couldn't apply it once and expect the results all year long. You need to time yourself to use it at least twice a day and voila! It's not always about your positive aura (eventhough i'm all about good vibes) but you need to also take care of your "cover" and i think the cheapest and easiest body serum you need is this one... Expensive is not always better but consistency will bring great results.. Oh wow... That's what i thought when i fold those colorful papers during the paperdoll workshop. Namaste peaches...

Thank you NIVEA Indonesia and Fimeladotcom for the fun FimelahoodxNIVEA luncheon!

Photographed by Windy Sucipto
Sponsored by NIVEA

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