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SaptoDjojokartiko S/S 2019

I was late(fashionably of course)... YES i was sprinting from the gate with my stilettos like a jumping deer running from the predators for the 10 am show of Mr. Saptodjojokartiko. The fashionable people of Jakarta were there siting and wowing the collection already, celebrating Mr. Sapto's 10 year's anniversary and his first solo show ever. 
The all white and modern architecture gave the sporty & futuristic collection the spotlight it deserves. 70 Spring/Summer looks of both menswear and womenswear were unveiled. The impeccable craftsmanship made the futuristic movement of the brand looked seamless , from the circuit board embroideries to the millennium silver outfits. His identity is still very well attached of course through out the entire collection. Collaborating with Make Over Indonesia , the team paired soft morning looks with the cold palette, modern melancholic outfits, subtle and delicate seduction. The flowy dresses and golden embellishments won everybody's heart including my own.

It was a sweet and serene celebration of his success and i really appreciate how he mastered his crafts by not getting the trends change his brand's entire direction. The master is in control, wisely moving forward through small and delightful additions of his collection; new embellished pouches, wedges and sunglasses were seen this morning. The logo tees and cape really showed how confident and on trend the brand is and we will be proud to wear his name everywhere. Kudos to one of the most well known fashion houses in Indonesia, so proud and happy to see how the brand grows and this too will be a part of the Indonesian heritage just like the newly restored and modern looking venue of Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

I was lucky enough to be one of the attendees who wear Mr. Sapto's design. I opted this pleated dress by Saptodjojokartiko as a part of my Crazy Rich Asians theme of the month. I'm signing out and please do enjoy the dreamy collection above.

Photographed by Andyyanata , last picture by Benny Lim  
Venue: Istora Senayan
Make up: MakeOver  


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