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5 ways to stay stylish in winter

How to be stylish during a cold weather? Like HOW!!! Looking at those instagram goddesses' crop tops, long trench coat and their chanel knee high boots ; jumping up and down the street looking all happy and fabulous in europe. It's a skill guys and when i try it it's HARD.  I hate cold, my body couldn't stand it and i feel weak and moody without the sun. It's hard for a girl who lives in a tropical country to maintain her positive aura  and to stay stylish in a cold weather for a long time. But hey, after two weeks surviving Sydney's winter. I finally have my own formula to tackle the cold weather.

1. Bring your turtlenecks : Stay warm and comfy with a black turtlenecks, just mix them right in your wardrobe, you'll look like a Parisian girls. Classy and appropriate for any occasions. I use my heat tech turtle neck from uniqlo, the extra warm one. YES it saved my life and nobody knows but me, layer it with a few stylish clothes and voila!

2. Use bright colors: When the weather is gloomy, brighten up the room by using your colorful outerwear, dresses or scarf. Red, yellow, blush or burnt orange. People will think you really thought your outfit through and you'll elevate your casual look with colors. I only use one color in this outfit, the burnt orange. It's subtle,  suitable for winter or fall, but the color is not easy to forget. Effortlessly chic and i don't even have to try

3. Flaunt it!: Nobody wants to see a walking salad wrap, unless you're in Iceland or it's snowy. If the weather is somewhat bearable but not really. Pick your strongest body part; it could be your arms, back, legs or for me my calves. Show it and flaunt a little skin!

4. Smile: My photographer said after years of photographing people, everybody love to see people smile. It's infectious and i do believe it's the best and cheapest but essential part of the wardrobe.

5. Settings: Okay, this is not for real people who live in the real world... This is for you internet creatures, don't take your pictures in a plain wall. Let the setting help you to tell the story. I know it's not fair cause i have some wonderful friends who scouted this place for me and help me catch the best light and angle. But pick the right place to make you look even more stylish, the ones that'll compliment your instagram tone and outfits.

That's all and please do comment down below if you tried the tips or if you have more tips to share!

I'm collaborating with Graynoise Photography 
Shoes by Gucci
Top: Uniqlo  

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