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your temporary love

Ladies, let’s talk about temporary love. It seems like a taboo thing to talk about and it hurts so many hearts just thinking about it. Come on, why should love be temporary? Almost every woman wants the kind of love that lasts, but sometimes it’s just not realistic. The truth is, love comes and goes, but luckily I’ve just found a solution on how to deal with it.

Before you go on and ask me about relationship advice……..sit down girls and chill cause I'm talking about the clothes I love for a few days and can't wait to get rid of it the next week.  I don’t have any solution for temporary love, but to give them a kiss goodbye! But for your never ending love of clothes, i do have a solution for it. Own it, flaunt it, style it all the way you want and return it to the place where they belong.

I'm so intrigued by the idea of fashion freedom - where I can experience an endless fashion possibility that I can have when I'm not limited to anything. Not to ownership, not to space, nor time, and not even to judgement or what the society defines me to be. A freedom where I can just truly be my own self. Style Theory, a newly launched designer wardrobe-rental app (yes, rent it girls!) is offering this kind of freedom and flexibility.

I’ve subscribed and tried the service for months already, and I was delightedly surprised by the various style options that I can try. I do love the service and I never feel judged when I tried lots of new clothes. Everything I want from work-wear, weekend wear to party dresses are available to rent 24/7 only by several clicks away. Just download the Style Theory app, subscribe, choose the clothes and they will deliver it to your doorsteps. Not to mention, the pickup/delivery and laundry are free. It’s already included in the monthly subscription fee. INSANE, right?

I've never imagined before that I’ll be able to experience & explore endless style options from designer brands without having to purchase them first. Now I never need to worry about falling temporarily in love with clothes and regretting it afterwards. And if I do fall in love and want to keep the clothes, I can actually buy them at a discounted price! it's a win-win solution for me! 

Click HERE and start your new fashion journey today!

Dress by Styletheory
Photographed by Graynoise photography

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