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icons of tomorrow tokyo - tommy hilfiger

touch down in Tokyo for the third time this year, i was chosen to attend the Tokyo Icon event of Tommy Hilfiger after his successful show in Shanghai and next New York.

I made so many awesome memories in this city and i couldn't believe i gotta chance to come back and have a surreal experience once again in this sacred city. In the heart of Japan i got the Tommy Hilfiger outfits in my suitcase and BAM the show is ON.

After we landed at the hotel , i went to Tommy Hilfiger's headquarter in Tokyo to meet the team and do a fitting session for the event. There were racks and racks of crazy cool clothes for me to pick, of course it's so hard to pick just one but with the help of Adrian, the PR of Tommy Hilfiger; they altered EVERYTHING for me on the spot. It's like being chosen to attend the Icons of Tomorrow was not special enough. BTW before i continue this further... The Icons of Tomorrow is a group of our generation(if you still consider yourself young ahaha) that's chosen by Tommy himself to represent our generation. His tagline is the leader of today is the icon of tomorrow. He chose lots of influential people from different background with one purpose of spreading positivity around the world. No matter who you are, your body size or the color of your skin.... Kindness matter and that's why i love Tommy Hilfiger so much. He made kindness cool again and I'm honored to be here among the great stars. To name a few... Hailey Baldwin, Lewis Hamilton and Winnie Harlow are the international icons of Tommy. So to be in the midst of them is a dream come true!

Actually i have a story about Tommy Hilfiger, 5 years ago the 21 years old Cindy won a styling competition to New York Fashion Week. That's the first time she went to the US and her first biggest show that she attended was non other than Tommy Hilfiger's. My dream came true that day, sitting with all the fashion icons to witnessed Tommy's newest collection and now... My picture is up there with the stars.... Alongside Lewis Hamilton and Tommy himself, the universe brings me back to Tommy all over again and i sincerely am grateful for the experience. The show was surreal that Alvin; my photographer couldn't capture the light exhibition. The night was energetic, full of lovely corners with a swimming pool the Prince Hotel of Tokyo on the background of. Once again Tommy wowed us all. A pure genius and one of the fashion legends i respect of all time.

Special thanks to MAP fashion for this experience and i hope for those who read this and you don't know how to start your fashion dreams.. Look at me now, and just start with what you have.  Be kind to everyone and master your crafts. Be passionate about all things fashion and your hard work will never betray you. Signing off now... Ciao Ciao 

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