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Marni x H&M (here we go again)

Let's droll babies! The collection will be available at your nearest H&M store soon! Here are some of my favorite pieces!

my personal favorite >.<

I'm so gonna buy the necklaces, bangles, sandals, tops, EVERYTHING! I'm a sucker for floral patterns and shiny things. All the marni pieces are perfect for summer and I love how the intricate patterns find their way to match each other perfectly. The most important thing about this collection is that the t-shirts were made for charity(they will give some of the profit to the victims of Japan's earthquake and Tsunami) What's your favorite pieces guys? Another giveaway?no?

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  1. I'm a sucker for floral pattern too <3 <3

    Cute post !! :)


  2. Awesommeeee!!!! harga h&m yang designer's collaboration seharga apa sih? zara?

  3. cool! lovin the prints too!


  4. drooling for these! gorgeous collections ! nice share, cindy :)

  5. ADORABLE! xx

  6. wa it a... mi... nu... tee... I nee eed to catch my bree aaath... (ok I just being drama queen) looooove it it's breathtaking!!! I think this year it's a year for pattern! yihaa!!!!

  7. yay for another giveawayy! omg i love the top, jumpsuit, and collar. major loveee <3