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What makes me smile?

My second year of marangoni was officially over, my exam was not as glorious as i expected, yes if you follow my twitter i cried in the exam room, i feel like a failure. This is the lowest point of my life as a student, didn't sleep for a few days and a lot of problems happened. I feel like a loser, the fear of not only disappointing your parents and love ones who believe in you but also yourself. and oh at first i thought i could do anything by myself and I'm enough, but the reality bites like a nutcracker, no matter how hard your shells are, reality will crack em open, but in the end there's no one to blame but me, the timing wasn't right, and i've learned my lessons to not to complicate myself, to be tougher and i will not stop here. I hope the teachers won't fail me, fashion world is tougher than you think, the school director "strong" words made me feel like a loser, i'm at the point where i really wanted to say enough is enough and i didn't have any talent in the fashion industry, i just wanted to go home and cry.My itunes was so helpful it played "fix you" by coldplay last night, i know i know even my itunes was so melancholic and dramatic as its owner. I'm not in the mood to even look at the clothes right now, but i promised myself to make it right, and if you already hit the rock bottom, let's pull ourselves up together. Today i saw this video of me and my friends during my birthday party, thank you so much for coming, videoing, editing and posting this video Danys, ling ling , Deka and all of my fashion hungry and interior junky in Milano. When i thought that Milan sucks and all of the pressure, you guys taught me to enjoy the simplest things, iphone flash, pocket cam,a laptop, a few bottles of champagne and peach tea(for me, i'm allergic to alcohol so y'all know that i didn't have a super glam legal day party in the club). Thank you topher(the guy in slo mo) and Hiro(also the guy in slo mo) you're the perfect hosts ever. and.... without any longer overdue enjoy my not so glam but super fab moment. *kisskiss*


  1. Cindyyy!!!! I hope you ok.. I believe you are one talented gal. Cuma lagi dikasih cobaan aja sama yang di atas. You can get thru this! HUGGGGG

  2. apapun yang terjadi itu merupakan bagian dari proses yang harus dilewati,yang memberi kita pengalaman dan pembelajaran baru..

    semangat ya..
    tidak ada satupun tanpa solusi
    keep praying and do the best

  3. Just watched the video and it's awesome! look like you had so much fun with your buddies. keep inspiring tho! xoxo

  4. You awesome!! there's no person with no problem(s) :)

  5. to be succeed, there must be tons of problems that we all should overcome! stay strongg! and looks like so much fun in your bday partyyy ;)

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