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God... Give Me a Break

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Finalmente another outfit post of me, I bombarded your computer screen with 14 photos instead of the usual 9-10 i'm so sorry but i was a lil bit indecisive or maybe, i miss being photographed!? Thank you so much the talented and suppah fresh kiki from The Bronx and The Brooke for taking these amazing pics for me *happy tears*. It's 30 days til my first exam! OMG You can't believe how hectic my life is right now. I really wish i could have a break :(. Uh Oh the first time i saw this gold jacket that my friend Bintang the owner of BIEN Collections all that i could think of in my mind was "Gold+Pink=Perfect". If you dyed your hair before with a bold color like me you probably know that you can't wear any red lipstick/outfit when you're hair is turquoise, green outfit when your hair is purple etc. Your outfits need to suit your hair perfectly, or else.... you'll look like a Christmas tree.but Gold matches my soft pink hair perfectly! yeay! You can rock your jacket in many ways ladies! You need at least one gold jacket in your live, wear it with a loose t-shirt+trousers like me, it'll change your total look! I got the t-shirt from my lovely sponsor mootta , it really scream my current life situation.:( i'll probably wear my t-shirt on my exam day HAHA.
Photographed by kaymori
T-shirt: mootta
Bracelet: NewHopeBracelets

It's been awhile since i received my NewHopeBracelets and i really really want to share this awesome brand with you guys, all of the profits from the sells will be donated to many non profit organization around Los Angeles and Somalia. For all of you fashion lover please visit NewHopeBracelets and make a difference, the Bracelets are affordable and what's better than shopping for a good cause right!? Double the fun, double the happiness! Be kind to one another pretty people! Ciao!


  1. So chic!

  2. perfect gold jacket!land the hair is cool love it<3

  3. that's so cool of you !

  4. You're the coolest ! Loving everything in this outfit post. Oh and I love the pink lipstick you put on, looks so good on you ! <3
    Good luck for the exam !

  5. i looove your hair! :)

    xx, rebecca

  6. Your jacket! <3
    Great gradation with your hair anyway <3

    Stefany from Taste of My Life

  7. so pretty, love everything on this look! xx

  8. nice to see your great blog! :)
    I'm here first time and I like it!
    kisses from Poland

    do you wanna follow each other?

  9. YOUR HAIR IS DOPE!! Soft pink suites you better :)

  10. Hmm, would it be better if the t-shirt is in black? So the jacket and the hair could stand out more.
    Anyway, ggod luck for your exam, kak :)


  11. Beautiful, that shoes look good on you! ><