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What To Wear On Graduation Day?

When you thought you already get through the hardest part of your life, your graduation day will make you realize you're just getting started and the fight is not over yet. I have my master degree under my belt now! Yeay, i'm officially a master of Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising. I thought it'll be easier for me to pick the perfect clothes for my graduation day, but nope! I still have the question of what to wear on my graduation day on my head over and over again.
As one of the international students here in Milan, i always want to represent my country in a way, here in Milan the graduation day was pretty casual, no fancy party during the day or parade of ball gowns. They keep it minimal and sweet especially during the hot summer day. I always incorporate batik to my graduation attire, you can see it clearly during my graduation last year from marangoni here .
This time i decided to wear my black jumpsuit and wrap around my batik as if it was an obi or belt. I also wear my favorite wedges from my boyfriend because nobody could stand hours of standing in heels during the heat of summer.
My parents weren't there but i know if they could they would've come. I feel blessed to have a sweet and supporting boyfriend who came all the way from Indonesia to help me with my thesis and see me graduated for the second time. He was there during my high school graduation ceremony too! I wanted to thank God also for my bestfriends here in Milan, i can't survive Milan without them and for my readers, keep fighting! Thank you for reading all of my stories and life journey. Keep dreaming, believing and i'm sure we could achieve great things together!

Photographed by Ivan Victor Lucas 
Jumpsuit: Zara
Shoes: Celine


  1. Congrats on your master degree! You look fantastic....and I absolutely love that batik. Such a great way to represent your culture. Fabulous pics and styling dear<3

  2. Congratulations for graduating! i love the fact that you embrace the Indonesian culture. Especially the way you wore the batik as an obi! Happy fan from Indonesia :)

  3. Very casual graduation. Congratulations! The obi was so cool.

  4. Congrats and wish you all the best for more success!

  5. great look.. and congrats dear..

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    Miss Aa

  6. Perfect outfit! I love your hair so much! Keep sharing,..


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  7. Congratulations!

    Love your style!

  8. congrats on your graduation! so proud of you ^^
    I really like how you wear the batik ♥

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  9. congratulations .. and nice outfit <33

  10. Congratulation on your master degree! You look stunning with that Batik.
    Keep sharing!

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    Don't forget to check them out.


  11. congratulations for you graduation! you look lovely
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  12. Congrats Cindy so happy you've achieved your dreams! Here's to more success in your future.

    from likkie --

  13. You are so beautiful, dressing so fashion, Love! Congratulations for graduating!!