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You are complete and there's nothing wrong with you.... I repeat those words inside my head over and over again until i believe that i am enough and my past will never define my future. That happiness will come for those who believe in themselves and the universe will conspires to give whatever that you want. Only if you truly believe in yourself, you are the key to your own success or failure.
I questioned myself last night and what happened to me in the past make me feel as if i'm so hard to be loved sometimes. But you need to feel and be complete first before you try to open yourself to anyone else. You need to heal, take your time. Stop rushing... that's what i told myself this year.
Be complete and be happy in your own solitude. Stop comparing your life with others and just do things that please you. You deserved all the best things in life and you could reach your dreams just like the people you admire the most.
You'll miss the most beautiful things and moments in life when you could only focus on your dark side. You're too  precious and wonderful to just exist without becoming the best version of yourselves in life. In the third month of 2018, let's just reflect ourselves, strengthen our beliefs and love more. Love yourself the way you want to be loved by others.... I got inspired to write this post by all of my friends who didn't stop to try to make me believe that i'm worthy of love and a few people who tirelessly trying to convinced me that i was created with a purpose and sometimes the greatest moment in life happen when you don't plan it. I hope your soul will heal and i'm sending my warm hugs to you. This is a love and relationship advice from me to myself....

Photographed by Michelle Tumewu of Momentobyarla
Dress: Patrick Owen
Shoes :Witchery

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