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wardah shampoo review

It's been 2 weeks since i started to use  the Wardah shampoo series and i couldn't wait to review the shampoo one by one and tell you which one is my favorite of all.

The shampoos are made with natural ingredients and all halal of course. The series consists of The Anti Dandruff, Nutri Shine, Daily Fresh and Hairfall Treatment.

The Hairfall Treatment: Contains Ginseng and Rosemary, i love the smell of the shampoos. It won't make you smell like you're just had a field trip to a local spice shop for sure. It smells sweet and calming. Eventhough 4 days is not enough to really know the result i feel my hair texture is actually getting better within four days.

The Daily Fresh: Contains Aloe Vera and Seaweed. I love the smell and it's just a light on the go shampoo, if you want to use a heavy hair treatment during your pampering sesh, i recommend you to use this light shampoo so you could just clean your hair without any heavy ingredients inside because mixing heavy ingredients could make your hair oily sometimes. With this shampoo i feel fresh and clean + i always do double cleansing with the daily fresh to clean my scalp and hair.

The Nutri Shine: I use this shampoo for 3 days, it contains Argan oil and Grape seed that supposed to make your hair shine, i love the smell of this shampoo the most but i don't think i need the shine effect of this shampoo now. For you who have dull and frizzy hair, i totally recommend this shampoo for you

The Anti Dandruff: My Favorite of them all! I love love love this shampoo. I have a super sensitive scalp and it's so hard for me to find a local shampoo that works. It contains the tee tree oil and peppermint and smells yummy. I couldn't feel the tingling sensation that i expected but it gets the job done! My scalp is all calmed and clear i started to use this shampoo everyday now. For you who have sensitive scalp do try this shampoo! Super duper love this one .

These new series of Wardah shampoo are amazingly affordable but it works especially for our asian types of hair. It get the job done, i compared it with some of my expensive shampoos ans surprisingly they have the overall same ingredients! Crazy right!! Hope this review helps you and please tell me on the comment down below if you tried the shampoo already!

Photographed by Me and Anastasia Siantar
Product sponsored by Wardah

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