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the only second chance you need

fendi, prada, balenciaga, hermes, loewe, dolce&gabbana and all the high end brands you could ever think of they have it. All you need to do is to give them the second chance, to be new again, loved again, be the limelight of your crazy clubbing night or the master piece you carry to the wedding party. You could buy them all for less only at the secondchancebag. Yup, you hear me, only bags are sold there but who knows?

Is it authentic? Yes for sure, unlike the other new e-commerce; second chance bag has been here all along. They just celebrated their 22 years anniversary this month! 22 years of second chances, the authenticity, the quality, the service are all on point. You could even see the quality of the products through your phone screen  or even better they let you come to their boutique to touch and pick your bags personally.

I personally love to stalk their new arrivals, it's so addictive to see all those bags and all those prices. I got a chance to pick my own fav bags from hermes to gucci and style it last month. I learned it the hard way, that once you touch it and wear it you instantly want to own it. They have no scratch, looked like new pieces and some of them you couldn't even find them again cause the brand won't produce them anymore.

Thank you second chance bag team for the fun photoshoot and hopefully i could own the bags too. BRB dreaming about em....

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