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patrick owen fall/winter 2018 show : amazon fashion week

I got a midnight call from Patrick a few months ago, before all the magical thing happened. I was at the hospital in front of the ICU cause my dad was admitted to the hospital for a serious heart attack which Patrick almost gave me one too after he said "so, you're coming to Tokyo to attend my show okay block the date". Fast forward to a month later, i was in Tokyo wearing Patrick's collection with Anazsiantar, Sonia Eryka, Ayla Dimitri, Alika Islamadina, Andyyanata, the media. Witnessing Patrick's creation in Tokyo.

"Where's your mother? Are you home yet?". A total dejavu when i heard the song at the runway. His childhood memories has been the key inspiration since his last f/w collection including this collection RE:MATA. 
He once again wowed us all with his first solo show in Japan amazon fashion week .Collaborating with darbotz an artist from Indonesia Patrick chose to "loosen up" and reform the traditional batik details in his own way. From office uniform(last f/w show) to playground must haves. RE:MATA is daring, raw and full of unfinished business. But behind the youthful lego colors, millenial belt bags and energetic vibe; the collection was full of well thought details: twisted fabrics, elongate knits, javanese prints,reformed traditional embellishments and structured pvc goodness. 
It's smaller in scale compared to his past collection but it's perfect in my honest opinion. Every look is a hit and there's no pieces you'll miss to recall and remember. 28 looks in total for his first show at the heart of Shibuya and it's enough to blow our minds. From the model cast, music, show lighting to outfit styling. Once again patrickowen and team surprise and impress us all. 

Oh i almost forgot to mention that my dear Anaz also launched her duo lips collaboration with lt pro during the Tokyo amazon fashion week, you'll see more in my vlog and you probably already have at least one piece of her millenial duo lips now as you read the blog. A big congratulation to Patrick and Anaz. I'm signing off now to create another blogpost after a long hiatus! ciao ciao

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