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Turquoise Is My Color

 I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal"-Martin Luther King

First outfit post in 2013! yeay, I need to do a lot of things at once lately so i'm really sorry for the long wait, a lot of people stared at me and they're freaking out when they saw my new hair color, usually it's the old italian couple who (maybe) never saw an asian with a bold colored hair before. A few days ago i read a magazine while my hairdresser dyed my hair, the name of the magazine was "I (heart symbol) Fake", it's the most honest and coolest magazine that i've ever read. I remember there's an opinion about the society;our society won't accept and embrace anything that are different, they have standards because they have so much things to lose. Some people don't have anything to lose at all, they live by they're own standards, standards that the "normal" people never knew about. They stand out while others try to fit in. I tried to fit in before, but i realized that i was different, i want to be different, and it sucks to try to please everybody all the time, the harder i tried the lonelier i will be.  We're made differently, but God made us to co-exist. To be different but the same in many ways, Race is just a matter of language and color. We need all sorts of different colors to make a rainbow right?

 After a long hiatus, i come back with a bolder hair and... chubbier face. I need to finished my school work today, but my heart tells me to make a quick post. Here is the actual color of my hair now, i choose turquoise! yeay, for those who follow my instagram(and choo pretty people who are not, do follow me HERE ), i update my instagram almost everyday and got a lot of questions about my new hair. What do you think? Lilac or Turquoise? btw i Finally made a new header by myself, my photographer(rufina ayu ananto)/classmate/painintheass partner in crime was busy too, it's my first time using my tripod and self-timer, but it's a new year so i probably need to do something new no? Mr.B love my new header, i never thought that a super pro photographer like him will love my amateur self pic photos, finally after 3,5++ years i could show him that i learned something haha.
 I found it difficult to wear anything colorful or something with prints on it because of my hair color, so i pick my super-oversized shirt that i bought in a thrift store from Amsterdam and my Margiela shoes to balance the palette. 
Image courtesy of Cindy Karmoko
Shirt: Thrifted in Amsterdam


  1. wow at your hair! somehow, it suits you.. :D

  2. love the color of your hair ci! <333

  3. GILAAA!keren banget rambutnya
    coba kalo di cat begitu di indo. udah dipandang anak punk mungkin :|
    but really, i really adore your new hair colourrr <3

  4. I love your hair! I don't know which one is better, Lilac or Turquoise, but this color suits you also! :)

  5. Woooow, turquoise hair! So brave <3
    It suits you definitely!!


  6. awesuuuuum hair :D bolder yet suits you perfectly, cin! ;)


  7. Love the shoes, pretty outfit post :) x

  8. Your post inspired me. I mean you're right. The more I try to fit in, the more lonely I am because I'm too afraid to be different and afraid of the people judgement about me. But right now, I try to be myself, even though it's lil bit hard.

    And... i think your new hair is cool! Love your shoes♥

  9. waw, so brave you! but that's what makes you beautiful dear.. a great confidence and feeling of loving yourself. Well lilac and turquoise both are fits in you, but i love lilac anyway :D
    Keep spread your dare-to-be-different vibe to us ( read : your reader )dear! <3
    Because i still wish i have a super confident just like you, and dye my hair with WOW color :P


  10. amazing hair!! lovely!! and love your shoes too!! =`)


  11. love your hair color! ❤
    so happy can change them become this and that color :P
    do you do a hair treatment so make your hair still healthy and beautiful like this?

  12. So gorgeous turquoise hair!!!! LOVE IT SO MUCHESS!!

  13. Love your new hair ka ceka! and those shoes is uber cool!

  14. your hairrrrrr!!!! So pretty i love the color! :D and your header is super awesome! :D Nice Ceka..:D

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  15. i look your hair on instagram! like a mermaid :3

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  16. super super love your new hair ka cindy. you pretty and chic all the time

  17. you really dare to be different!
    love this hair colour!

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  18. I love your statement about being different and embracing it, I've struggled with that issue a lot, I mean, being judged on what you wear and stuff just because you'r different shouldn't exist, i mean like, yes, the rainbow is made up fo different colors, but some of these dominating colors aren't just giving a chance fort he others to stand out. I love the fact that yo took a cream color to match with your shocking torquoise-teal hair in such a mermaid manner.


  19. totally in love with the turquoise color! it's so dreamy and fierce. bravo, cindy!


  20. aaa I also want to dye the end of my hair into blue/pink but mom told me don't >.<
    looove your hair :D

  21. love your new hair color, it fits you well! and perfect MMM shoes! <3

    Letters To Juliet